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Join me in supporting students from all backgrounds at the Alzar School.

Please give today.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

$240 towards $1,000

Help me provide life-changing experiences to deserving students through scholarships to the Alzar School. With your support, we can build teen leaders that have the skills and motivation needed to positively their lives and communities. Together we can do good and make a difference for young leaders regardless of their backgrounds.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me reach my goal for student scholarships to the Alzar School.

This winter, follow along as I attempt to summit more peaks than ever before on my splitboard! I'll be pushing not only my physical self, but challenging my friends and family to support quality education that prepares students as critical thinkers, intentional learners and future leaders. I truly believe in the work the Alzar School does in building teen confidence, resilience and grit. I hope you too can support all types of students who want to further themselves at the Alzar School.

January 21, 2017 - FRESH AIR AND A CLEAR HEAD

Just another day in the paradise of the West Central Idaho mountains! Getting out on my splitboard this weekend gave me the chance to take in some deep breaths of crisp cold air and clear my head as I embark on my 8th semester at the Alzar School. With each coming semester, I look forward to getting to know students as they mature, grow and, as alumni, move into adulthood. The longer I remain at the Alzar School, the more pride and appreciation I feel for my co-workers and the dedication they show to each and every student. It is through their care, check-in's, mentor lunches and the countless ways they offer support that all students, regardless of their backgrounds are able to step outside their comfort zones and grow as humans at the Alzar School.

November 18, 2017 - FIRST DAY OUT!

With the sun shining and the snow glistening, I pulling out my splitboard and skins for the first time this season. Early season snowfall has been decent in the West Central mountains of Idaho leaving a solid base at the local ski resorts. Although they aren't quite ready to kick start lift access, the resort mountains welcome turn-earners. Being outside and pushing myself physically is a constant reminder of why I love working at the Alzar Scool helping young leaders also get to experience the power of nature and challenge. I hope you'll join me in supporting teens in the backcountry.