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We need your help to sustain Alzar School as it advances to its next stage in leading education

Six Foundations, Six Year Pledge

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

$89,734 towards $150,000

For six years, Alzar School has offered transformative semester experiences for high school students through our Six Foundations. These foundations are at the core of what makes our program powerful and we offer students chances to challenge themselves through these foundations every day. To support Alzar School, the Bierle Family will be taking on challenges connected to each of the Six Foundations over the next six weeks.

"We see the growth in our students EVERY semester, and know it comes from engaging in activities tied to the school's Six Foundations. Now, it's our turn!" - Sean Bierle

Join the Bierles in sustaining Alzar School through our next six years. They aim to raise $150,000 for this year, and an additional $250,000 in pledges for the following six years.

Having developed a stunning, inspiring facility at our campus in Cascade, Alzar School's next endeavor is to bolster the school financially so our program will be here for generations to come.

To do that, we need to bridge the gap between tuition and the operating expenses of a logistically-intensive school. Beyond addressing that gap for this year, Alzar School can grow and improve steadily if we can rely on a predictable base of multi-year pledges to stabilize and sustain our efforts. We have big dreams and exciting plans, and no shortage of energy and vision to accomplish them.

Will you consider making a 6-year pledge to be that stabilizing factor?

The Bierles are passionate about helping the school launch a robust annual fund program because it is what will solidify Alzar School as a leader in education. Contributions to the Empowering Leaders Annual Fund support:

  • Financial aid for families.
  • Augmentation of faculty and staff compensation so we can attract the very best educators.
  • Maintenance and improvements at our base campus in Cascade, Idaho.
  • Additional programming such as our Roam Summer Course and F.I.R.E. Day Camp.

By committing to a multiple-year pledge, you are demonstrating your commitment to seeing the school succeed for the long-haul. Our team can move confidently and plan for the future knowing the resources available.

"We know that making a six-year pledge to support the school is a big 'ask.' As a family, we are making our own six-year pledge too. We're doing this because we know how much potential the school has in the coming years, and we want to empower the school with the resources it needs to fulfill the vision. Please consider joining us." - Kristin Bierle

The Bierle Family Challenge 2018

By pushing themselves in the Six Foundations, Kristin, Sean, and Oscar hope to inspire supporters to fuel Alzar School as it advances to its next stage as a school. Between now and June 3rd, all three will be tackling challenges aligned with Alzar School's Six Foundations. As they engage with each challenge, we'll post status updates, reports, and photos.

Those challenges are:

  1. Leadership Training - As students of the Spring 2018 semester finish fleshing out their Culminating Leadership Project plans, Sean and Kristin will host a "pitch event" where students present their proposals for the chance to receive seed funding. Supporters can join virtually and vote on the projects they want to see supported!
  2. Academics - Over the next six weeks, as family, we will read books focused on each of the Six Foundations. We're sharing our reading list here, with books for adults marked with an (a) and books for young children like Oscar marked with a (c). Join us in reading:

    1. Leadership Training: "Resilient: How to Grow an Shakable Core of Calm, Strength, and Happiness" (a) and "Follow the Leader" (c)
    2. Academics: "Educated: A Memoir" (a) and "School's First Day of School" (c)
    3. Outdoor Adventure: "North: Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail" (a) and "Walk on the Wild Side" (c)
    4. Cultural Exchange: "Distant Star" (a) and "De la A a la Z Chile"
    5. Service Learning: "A Million Dollars in Change" (a) and "I Know the River Loves Me / Yo se que el rio me ama" (c)
    6. Environmental Stewardship: "The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America" (a) and "The Lorax" (c)
  3. Outdoor Adventure - Oscar will go in a kayak for his first time on the Payette River, paddling with mom and dad from campus to Cabarton Bridge. Additionally, Kristin and Sean will paddle six sections of the Payette River:

    1. Town Section of NF through McCall
    2. "Gnar Blitz" of the Cabarton Section of NF
    3. Swirly Canyon of SF
    4. Staircase Section of SF
    5. Main Payette: Banks to Beehive
    6. Lower Main Payette: Beehive to Climax
  4. Cultural Exchange - A favorite experience of the Bierles in Chile is a traditional asado. To celebrate the close of the semester, they will be hosting the Spring 2018 cohort for an asado at their home, with traditional food, music, and fun.
  5. Service Learning - The Bierle Family will host a membership drive for Idaho Rivers United, with the goal of attracting 35+ new members to this river conservation nonprofit. Join IRU here.

  6. Environmental Stewardship - As a family, the Bierles will choose one day to bike commute to work on a tandem bike with trailer (40 miles!) and ride the community bus home. That day, they will also plant six new trees on campus.

Six Foundations, Six Years...

Help Alzar School utilize the Six Foundations to build leaders who return home as engaged citizens who positively impact the world. Join the Bierles in sustaining Alzar School by donating today.

"Ball! Dog! Rock! Happy Guy!" - Oscar Bierle